Avalanche Bars

100% Nut Free Protein Bars!

Delicious. Natural. Nutritious. Avalanche nut free protein bars contain healthy ingredients: rolled oats, toasted sunflower kernels, flax seed, dried fruit, whey protein, and honey.  A protein bar without tree nuts or peanuts, guaranteed.

About Avalanche Nut-Free Protein Bars

The Story

Avalanche Bars was born as a labor of a mother’s love. My eldest son is severely allergic to nuts and many legumes. He is so sensitive that the smallest hint of nut oil can create hours and even days of misery and recovery. He’s an active guy, and was never much of a breakfast eater. His entire life, I have searched for something healthy for him to eat on the run. I scoured the grocery store shelves for any granola or breakfast bar that didn’t contain nuts or a disclaimer about nut contamination from processing or packaging. Nothing. As he got older, protein and energy bars posed the same problem. I searched the internet for nut-free products, but only found recipes. As someone who loves to cook, I began making my own (or his own) and they were an instant hit. He loved them, my family loved them, his friends loved them, my friends loved them, and soon everyone we know was eating them. 

The Name

At the time Avalanche Bars were created, my son was working at a local ski resort as a snowboard instructor. He wanted something healthier to eat than the food at the snack bar. I began making bars and he shared them with his instructor pals. They were the first to buy them. We wanted to give them a snow-themed name, so the brainstorming began. Then the voting. The combined ingredients look like an avalanche when poured from the mixer – a creation in which you can recognize the make-up if you look closely. Avalanche won. While snowboarders would consider a OneEighty a beginners’ trick, a SevenTwenty provides more of a rush, but a company named “SevenTwenty” wouldn’t make as much sense to people. I set out to create something different from what others had done. One Hundred Eighty degrees different. And I would bet that if I ever get on a snowboard, I could eventually do a OneEighty. SevenTwenty? Only after I wiped out (or “ate an Avalanche”).

Special Thanks

To my kids who got me started, my husband who inspires me and cheers me on, and my parents who have supported everything I’ve ever decided to do. To my day-job co-workers who were the best taste-testers, voice of the customer, and efficiency advisors. Many, many thanks to Jerry – the idea man – who led me to Ruthie, John M, Marybeth, Amy, and a wealth of knowledge from their various areas of expertise!!

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