Avalanche Bars

100% Nut Free Protein Bars!

Delicious. Natural. Nutritious. Avalanche nut free protein bars contain healthy ingredients: rolled oats, toasted sunflower kernels, flax seed, dried fruit, whey protein, and honey.  A protein bar without tree nuts or peanuts, guaranteed.

Cinnamon Raisin

Avalanche Nut Free Protein Bars

Breakfast never tasted so rich and delicious, and never stayed with you like this protein-packed treat does!

6 piece box: $18.00 ADD TO CART


Rolled oats, toasted sunflower kernels (sunflower kernels, sunflower oil, salt), honey, raisins, butter, crisped rice (rice, salt, sugar, malt flavoring), roasted flax seed, whey protein isolate, vanilla extract, cinnamon

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 1 bar 82g Amount Per Serving: Calories 298 Calories From Fat 96 Total Fat 11g (17%) Saturated Fat 2g (12%) Cholesterol 0mg (0%) Sodium 186mg (8%) Total Carbohydrate 44g (15%) Dietary Fiber 5g (19%) Sugars 20g Protein 11g Vitamin A 5% Calcium 4% Vitamin C 3% Iron 22%
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